Slotland Casino Launches Pearls of Atlantis Slot

Slotland Casino has launched a brand new slot game which is themed on the legendary lost kingdom of Atlantis. The game is called Pearls of Atlantis slot and it is a 5 reel, 9 payline game featuring a unique bonus round in which players can win up to five times the value of the Treasure Chest Fund.

Slotland Casino Manager Michael Hilary said, “Slots players love spinning the reels and these reels have some of the most beautiful graphics our games developers have ever come up with. But we also like to give players an interesting and challenging bonus game to make the fun last even longer and multiply winnings!”

Symbols in the online slots game include sea monsters, seahorses, mermaids, mermen and the Treasure Chest symbol which triggers a bonus game when three or more of these symbols appear at the end of a spin.

Players can either receive a multiplier that will be added to their Treasure Chest Fund, a piece of the Wheel of Fortune. In this bonus game they can also win one of the special gem pieces that increase their chances of multiplying their winnings.

When five pieces of the outer wheel have been collected the Wheel of Fortune Bonus Game is triggered in which a lucky spin can award a player with up to five times the money in the Treasure Chest Fund.

As is the case with all games at Slotland Casino, the Pearls of Atlantis slot is tied to a progressive jackpot which, at the time of this writing is worth over $115,000. The jackpot is won on a $10 wager for five Triton symbols on a winning payline. Sign up for a real money account today at Slotland Casino and play the Pearls of Atlantis slot game.

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